Webinar Replay: Are you a leader or are you a manager?

Do you know the difference between leading and managing? Do you need help identifying effective ways to reach and lead your team?

This FREE webinar was specifically designed by Nana for leaders of all levels. Whether you're just transitioning into a leadership position or are a seasoned leader, this hour will be filled with helpful and practical information you can put to practice right away.

Download the video to:

  • Learn the difference between being a leader and a manager, and why it's important to know the difference
  • Learn how to utilise your unique style to influence your team and others around you
  • Learn how your work style influences your leadership style and what effect it has in your ability to lead
  • Get tips on how to put all you learn into practice to truly make a difference in your organisation

Have questions or feedback? Contact us at info@castlegateint.com.

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