about Castlegate International

Nana-Efua (Otoo) Lawson | Managing Director and Principal Psychologist

Nana-Efua (Otoo) Lawson | Managing Director and Principal Psychologist

Who are Castlegate International

Castlegate International is a boutique consultancy comprising a lively team of dedicated and dynamic specialists.  We’re experienced in global-working, and have, between us, an extensive background in internal and external consulting, which spans a broad spectrum of industries.

Where we are…

Our base is in London, UK but we work globally, too.

Some of our more recent projects have taken us to Russia, Ghana, Azerbaijan, USA, UAE, Hong Kong and Switzerland.

What we do and how…

We help business leaders and teams to improve their understanding of themselves and others to get results.  And we provide a range of bespoke services to positively impact on business performance and personal growth.

The most frequent challenges faced by organisations stem from its people.  From personality clashes, politics and lack of cooperation, there are so many ways that people affect performance and growth.

And that’s where we come in.

First and foremost we take our lead from you.  Then, we creatively use our understanding of human psychology to garner real results.  Our insights help leaders to influence people in the right way, select and develop the right people, and build right kind of teams.

And in doing so, we can inject a much-needed breath of fresh air into your business.

Get in touch today to see how we can make a positive impact on your business performance and personal growth.