Motivate Your Talent with These 4 Tips

To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart. —Eleanor Roosevelt

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As leader one of the most important aspects of your job is motivating your talent and retaining them to take your strategic vision from paper to reality. In this day and age is harder than ever to keep the people that contribute the most engaged and happy. And if you think that money is the only or most important factor in keeping your team happy, think again. While financial stability is, in fact, an important part of someone’s decision on whether to stay in an organisation or hit the road, it’s not always or the only consideration.

Behold our top 4 tips for motivating and keeping your best talent!

1. Find the carrot

Everyone has unique needs and wants when it comes to their career paths. Take the time to find out what each team member is reaching for and create a strategy for helping them achieve their personal career goals. When people feel like they have a path and opportunities within the organisation, they will have little to no reason to seek for it elsewhere.

2. Listen. Communicate. Repeat.

Be there for your team. Not just in words but in actions. When they tell you what they need, make it your business to get it for them (within logical limits, of course). Sometimes just having the necessary tools, resources and technology that make their job easier is enough to keep your people happy.

3. Paint the big picture

If your team isn’t already familiar with the organisation’s goals and mission, then lay them out in plain language. Show them how their value add proposition fits within your vision for the future of the organisation or the department. After you paint the big picture, give them the space and trust them to take ownership of their role. When employees feel they are making a real contribution and adding value, they are naturally motivated to continue to do so.

4. Keep up with benefit trends

To sustain and increase your company’s competitive position and retain a strong workforce you need to stay on top of benefit trends and the evolving needs of your employees—whether its telecommuting, increasing medical benefits or other fringe benefits. Stay abreast of what other organisations offer and what your employees need. If your benefits don’t reflect what the market is doing or fulfill your team’s needs, they will certainly go where the pot of gold is shinier.

Ultimately, motivating your talent and keeping your team members happy and productive is a full-time job for which you have to be present at all times. You can’t just manage, you must also lead with your intentions and by example. Show your team that you genuinely care about their needs and creating a healthy and positive environment for them to grow and succeed.

Do you have other tips for motivating your talent and team members? Contribute to the conversation on the comment section below. And if you need more tips, get in touch! We can help.





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